10 Cool Home Gadgets Available Right Now (2019)

Technology has given plenty of cool gadgets for home and daily life. For details about all the latest smart home devices visit www.yoursmarthomeguide.com. When it comes to choosing cost-effective smart gadgets for the home here are a few good ones.

  1. Smart plugs are handy for remotely turning on or off any appliance connected to the socket where the smart plug is connected.
  2. For the pet owners, nothing beats the smartly automated pet feeders. These gadgets come with a camera with live streaming which enables to keep a watch on the pet from a remote location.
  3. Smart lights can be set to be turned on as soon as you enter the room. Colors can be changed and many other cool features are integrated with smart light bulbs.
  4. Water stagnation and the associated hazards can be avoided by choosing a smart water sensor with alarm.
  5. To improve the quality of the indoor air and also to maintain the humidity levels, there are efficient air purifiers.
  6. Smart air conditioners allow you to turn them on before you enter the house so that the right ambiance is set before you set in. Moreover, this avoids worry about leaving the air conditioner on when you leave your house.
  7. Keeping the floors clean at all times is possible when there is a robotic vacuum cleaner available.
  8. Remote access cameras integrated with doorbells allow you to check who is at the door and talk to them even when you are away.
  9. Keyless entry option similar to the feature found in most cars can be utilized at home with the help of smart lock systems available in the market.
  10. There are handy security cameras that come with feature-rich apps for control. So from monitoring the feed from the camera to taking emergency steps much could be done with a smartphone.